Saturday, November 17, 2012

In Loving Memory Of...

Wanted to take a moment to post a note about my two grandmothers who passed away.
Grandma Gene left us this week, and Grandma Mary left us earlier this year, in March. Both were in their nineties, witty, firecrackers who leave behind some incredible memories.

We will miss you both! Godspeed ladies!

Me, Grandma Gene, My brother Jimmy

My nephew Kaiden, Me, Grandma Mary



  1. Hi Tim,
    Just hung out with Kurt and got your blog address from him via Ryan.

    Glad that you are off. I'm in Seattle for a while. Rasa Manis is in Langkawi, Malaysia resting on the hard until I get back and decide where to go next. When I arrived in SE Asia two years ago the Red Sea route was still viable. The window slammed shut that year. Now cruisers who never thought they would face the challenge are rounding the Cape of Storms via the South Indian Ocean. Or they shell out $40K+ to ship their boats to Turkey.

    Your HR 38 is a great boat. A very good choice. There is one just down the way from Rasa. I think they sailed from Australia.

    Why did you decide on the Caribbean as a destination?
    Cheers, Tom Alexander

  2. Hey Kathy, I am just seeing this post now. For some reason I am not getting notices from all of your entries. Since I thought I was, then I wasn't out trolling for others. Today I noticed you had said something in your email that made me think there was more going on on your blog than I knew about...... and thus, just seeing this post on your Grandmas, bless their hearts! Those are the cutest pictures! And I am sure that they left here knowing that their jobs and now it is up to you to carry on their good advice and cheer! Sad for sure. But happy memories will slowly take sadness' place.......XO! Lisa