Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! We wanted to take a moment on Thanksgiving to thank the special people in our lives who have supported us, celebrated with us, cheered us on, laughed (like pee your pants laughing) with us, cried with us, complained with us, offered their time and a helping hand when we needed it and who are our family. You know who you are and we wanted to give thanks, give back and celebrate. This page is dedicated to you. Thank you!! We love having you in our lives!!!!

Weekend in Whistler/Engagement Party - Thank you for a great memory, and the best t-shirts ever! You guys are the best!!!

The weekend crew, 
complete with custom T & K t-shirts by Lisa!
From L to R: Rodger, Lisa, Todd, Bryan, K, T, 
Brian, Kathleen(eyes closed!:)), Matt
Lisa & Rodger

Todd & Matt
Kathleen & Brian
Bryan S & T, at Red Mountain, Booty's Run, Bryan's favorite!


Krissy - my most excellent sister - surprised me with a trip and planned it with Tim. I was so shocked when I walked in to see Tim with a brunette sitting closely together, their backs to me. My heart sank, but when I went to the table to ask what was going on - the brunette's head turned and it was my sister, Krissy. I, of course, started crying immediately - for happiness, shock and relief - lol - they planned the whole thing. They are so mean. 


T, K, Arash, Raheleh & Aryanna - we miss living closer to you guys!!


Bon Voyage Party: quite the turnout! over 45+ people showed up to see us throughout the day and we only captured a few pictures, dang! we got lost in the excitement - thank you everyone who came and made time to share that special day with us!!! A few photos from the event: 

Flora & Kathy

Barb & Kathy

Brian S, Lance, others (Brian was reading us the poem that he wrote for us
(photo courtesy of Brian H)

Sharon & Kathy

Look at Todd's pose!

Robin, Cathy, Todd, Matt
Susan is in the background with her awesome rode bike!

T, K, Ingrid, Federico & Riley the dog
Ingrid & Federico, thank you for everything!!


Liz (aka "East" or "East coast sista"), Liz read an article that it was healthy for women to talk and have conversations, so every time we talk, we remind each other how healthy we are. lol! This is us, after a few drinks...


Peanut aka Oldsmobile. We are thankful for our little dog who is still with us, after all of these years.


Tim, my T - for the best year ever - for taking me to Paris and asking me to be your wife, looking forward to a love and adventure filled life together, including the trip we are on right now - from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Ice skating in Paris,  where we got engaged!


Last but certainly not least - thank you all (in no particular order): Auntie Teresa, Pappa & Maureen, Mom & Dad, Joyjeet, Mark W, Roni, Mike H, JT, Susan C,  Thiago, Mary M, JDH, Dr. B, Dr. V.G.B., Dr. H, Dr. D, Dr. L.V.,Aaron P., Sally, Amy C, Amy C (yes, there are two of you!), Jeff C & Susan G, Kathy E, Maggie & Rusty,  Harold & Pat, Brian & Richard, Bill G, T's Dudes - John S, Aaron B, Andrew C, Darryl C, Dave P, Henry D, Mac M, Tom R......Andy & Stephanie (even if you are mad at us, we still love you, life's too short! We're waiting and we miss you). 

A special thanks to Bill & Hillary for including us in your family Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving.

With Love,
K & T


  1. What a wonderful post. I missed my hot tub peeps in Whistler this year... Love and miss you guys! Hope to see you very, very soon :)

  2. Thanks Matt! I love that pic of you and Todd. We missed you guys this year!!! Hope to see you both in the Spring somewhere in the Caribbean!!

  3. How in the heck did I miss THIS post?!!!! How awesome to read it and relive some fun times!! Our lives would not be the same without having known you, that's for sure! You add a ton of happiness to our souls.....Thank you both, Tim and Kathy! XOXOXOXO!! And back at ya! - Lisa and Rodger