Thursday, May 23, 2013

We are alive! in Turtle Bay

What a trip! We left Cabo to be greeted by 25 knot winds at our nose with sharp steep swells. We were set to leave in the evening, but it was blowing 15+ in the marina, so we waited until 4am on Tuesday (of last week), and then left. By 5:30am, we were turning around, the seas were a mess, the wind was howling to 28 knots, and there was no point in putting ourselves in harms way. So back to the marina for a few hours to rest and then we left again, at noon that Tuesday. We were greeted to 20-25knot winds at our nose but less sharp seas and after rounding Cabo Falso, it was much smoother, calmer seas and winds.

We made it Santa Maria a day and half later, and then a big wind storm blew in, so we were stuck there for 4-5 days with 2 other boats waiting out the weather. I stood in the cockpit numerous times with my laptop held out to the 25 knot winds, point to land, trying to get an internet signal to download the weather. It was as ridiculous as it sounds. Finally, on Monday morning of this week, we pulled up anchor with our two new buddy boats and headed to Turtle Bay.

The first night was pleasant. 25 knot winds, 10-12 ft seas. I thought we were going to die. Kidding on the pleasant part. It was a full on bash. They don't called it the Baha Bash for nothing. Our Rhythm is such a champ, sturdy and meant for this. Me, not so much, or at least the bashing part, not so much. By the next morning we were part way into crossing the big bay before Turtle bay and had made good time, thanks to Tim's tactician skills.  That evening, day 2, every time it was my watch, the winds and swells picked up. Tim told me to go back down below because I was causing the bad weather - lol. By Tuesday evening, 6pm, were were in San Hippolito,  we had crossed the big bay finally, taking a break for a few hours from the bashing, we dropped anchor while the afternoon winds subsided. The 'book' says to leave after sunset, so we did. By 8:30pm we headed out again for the rest of our tour to Bahia San Barlolome aka Turtle Bay. We thankfully had almost a full moon, so tons of light, light swells and 16-18 knots of wind. It was surprisingly pleasant and a nice relief from the night before; a change of underwear was definitely needed after that night! We arrived to Turtle Bay yesterday morning at about 9:30am. Now, we are stuck here for a week because the weather is shit out there!  Gale warnings off of Ensenada = no bueno.

Here's the rundown of mileage:
Cabo to Turtle Bay = ~372 nautical miles (430nm for us due to weather and route)
Turtle Bay to Ensenada = ~367 nm
Ensenada to San Diego = 60 nm

Tim said the last time we were here that 'Being in Turtle Bay for one day, is one day too many'. Karma is a bitch! lol! At least we have internet, a small town to get food and plenty of fuel; it could be worse.

And we press onward, when the next weather window opens up....for now, we wait, patiently...


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