Monday, May 13, 2013

Cabo San Lucas to San Diego

Well, here we go again!
Our spare auto pilot from San Diego arrived this evening just after 5pm, a bit later than we had planned. Oh well, at least we have it now in case we need it, although Marine Group Cabo San Lucas did an awesome job servicing our current one and it's running like a champ now (as it should, it's only a 2007! just needed a little grease and a wire connection fix) -- thank you Michelle @ the Marine Group for being so awesome and helping us get the new one down here in record time!

We leave tonight at around midnight (MT) for our first leg - either to Mag Bay or to Santa Maria.
We'll check in on the weather and then head up to Turtle Bay. We have a total of 850 nm to cover to get back to San Diego - it's been done before, as recently as last week taking 5 days with an awesome weather window! We guess our trip will take a bit longer since there are some fronts coming in.

It's been fun but we're excited to get back on land!
Wish us luck.... and away we go!

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  1. It's been a week now, where are you at? Mag Bay, Turtle or some point in between?

    Glad your Auto was fixed and all is well on Rhythm again. Keeping the chakra's all in line must be hard :) Ha! Miss you and hope your bash is VERY uneventful! Give Pluto hugs for us too :)