Monday, April 22, 2013

Rest In Peace, Peanut

It is with a very very heavy and sad heart that we write a farewell post about our little buddy, Peanut aka Oldsmobile.  Peanut stopped eating and after taking him to the vet for blood work, the results were not good.  His kidney disease had caught up with him, and thus we had to make the worst decision a pet owner has to make and say a very tearful goodbye. Losing a pet is extremely difficult, especially one that you’ve had for your entire adult life. He was almost 18 years old.

 Our little dog had a spectacular life. Born in Denver, he was a spry, super smart mutt. He was $150 at the local pet store, Pet Ranch, in Littleton, CO.  He moved all over the US, living in Texas, Michigan, Rhode Island, Washington state, Colorado, and traveled with us down the west coast into Mexico on this trip we are on now.  

He was such a good companion: on the boat, while hiking, he was a professional ball retriever, a piggy (loved to eat everything!),  a runner and then power walker in his later life, an escort (always by our sides and had tons of people try to pick him up since he was so cute!), a perpetual puppy (even in his old age, people would ask if he was a pup!), a celebrity (he touched so many lives and during many walks around Green Lake in Seattle we would be stopped and told he was so cute, then asked what type of dog he was and if he was a puppy... if I had $1 for every time this happened, seriously…),  loved to travel, trash picker (enjoyed getting in the trash when he was bored), poop-eater (he was a turd burglar – he ate his #2 in the backyard if no one was looking, a bad habit he carried with him as an adult! lol),  he loved to be tucked in at night in his bed but was also a bed hog when he would sleep with us!, he was bossy,  curious, super smart, expressive and everything one could want in a best friend (minus the poop eating). He was my companion through some major ups and downs of life and undoubtedly was my best little buddy.

He was very protective of our house, and me, marking things when we had company, pooping in the guest room when someone was staying there, and also peeing on Tim’s backpack when we first started dating as if to say ‘get the heck out of my house!’. Peanut never did this when it was just he and I, only when guests arrived! Lol!  He grew to love Tim, who became his alpha over time. I felt a bit neglected seeing how they became close buddies, but I was glad that he accepted Tim because Tim wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon :)

So with red eyes, I type up this little note in honor and memory of Peanut (Oldsmobile).  We are thankful that Dr. Arturo Alatorre of Wolf’s Veterinary in Puerto Vallarta was able to make a house call.  Peanut’s ashes were returned to us in a small white box with a silver plated label on it. The label has 4 small paw prints with ‘Peanut’ inscribed on it.

It was an honor to have you in my life for almost 18 years, Peanut, you certainly were my best friend and will be sadly missed, but never forgotten. Godspeed, little buddy, godspeed.

Peanut, on the boat, with his cone of shame

T & P in Coeur d'Alene

Rolling around in the grass

Family portrait on the beach

Sleeping on our bed!
Note his head position on the pillow - lol! Typical.


Professional cone wearer, seriously.

On the boat, waiting for his food

Sleeping in my flipflop in the cockpit

Overnight passage - T & P napping during my shift

Waiting to be fed, usual patience position

Taking a snooze....

Me and Peanut, spinnaker up on a hot day in Mexico

Woke Peanut up from his nap to get a photo with him as
we sailed under the San Francisco bridge

Overnight passage - Tim's shift, K & P napping

One of my favorites. This was taken while we were in MT on a
 snowboarding trip. After a long day of snowboarding, I had a nap
and Peanut joined me.

Little Olds cuddling with me


Rubbing his head in the Seattle snow!

Family portrait

Family portrait, our shadows

Taxi ride in Mexico

Me carrying Peanut to the vet

Tucked in, his favorite thing

Zoom zoom.

Peanut on his favorite chair in front of the xmas tree
taking a nap

A special thanks to Rob of m/v Soulmates and Dr. Arturo Alatorre and everyone for their support through this!!

With gratitude,


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. It looks like that little guy had a fabulous life.

    Take care,


  2. Such a beautiful tribute! P had a long and happy life.

  3. As someone who has been through the deaths of two cats in recent years, I totally get how hard and sad it is. (The cats weren't even mine, they were Brian's.) Brian and I know you will miss Peanut a lot.

    -Richard (and Brian)