Sunday, February 17, 2013


Ok we are in La Cruz/Puerto Vallarta area, finally! and our blog is in Mazatlan! We are a bit behind but will try this week to get us up to speed!  What a great town, we loved Mazatlan! We headed out with our rockin' fleet of s/v Destiny, s/v Wanuskewin, and s/v Valkyrie, from La Paz to Mazatlan and made it safely across (1.5 over nights? - Saturday morning to midnight Sunday).

Tim has been here before, many years ago, many times, but it was my first time. This town is charming, a great blend of old and new and sometimes even feels like you are in Paris if you can believe that! So far, it has been one of my favorite towns by far compared to others we've visited. Mazatlan, meaning 'place of deer',  hosts the 3rd largest Carnival celebration in the world - the 1st being in Brazil/Rio De Janeiro, the 2nd being Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Mazatlan starts their celebration at the beginning of February (I think it's going on now!).  The city was gearing up for the festivities and large statues were lining the malecon in prep for it. Mazatlan is the home to the Pacifico, Corona and Modelo breweries. We tried to take the tour, but the plant was under construction, so no tours until March/April timeframe, bummer! Great food, art and open markets can be found here, along with breathtaking views, outdoor activities and of course, cliff divers (check out the video)! And for $20 USD, you can have a mobile vet come to your house, give your dog an exam, 3 antibiotics and you're on your way! So awesomely cool and inexpensive!

Here are some pics:
Sunset for our overnight heading to Mazatlan

View of the marina at El Cid Marina in Mazatlan

Rhythm docked at the marina

Carnival sculptures lining the malecon

Us on the malecon, beach and island in the background
View of Mazatlan from the malecon
This is a view of the island on the Pacifico beer bottle

More views
Another view 
And another nice view of Mazatlan

T, at his favorite restaurant, Gus Gus

Bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp - yum!

Smoked marlin tacos - T's favorite!

Cliff diver! Watch the video! This guy is GOOD!

One of the largest mosaics, at the conference
center in Mazatlan
A view of the entire mosaic, huge!
Close up of the mosaic

Another close up

Carnival statue at Plaza Machado

Main cathedral near Plaza Machado
Inside the beautiful cathedral

The library, how pretty!
Main square gazebo near the cathedral

A charming walkway

Another charming walkway with lights
Us, at the Pacifico plant, too bad they were closed
for construction, no tours!

Me, eating a my favorite
Jaimica popsicle (pronounced hi-mica) 
Best tres leches in town from the Panama Bakery, to.die.for.

Pinatas at the market

The market, fresh fruits/veggies

A panaderia (bakery) at the market

Night lights at Plaza Machado, where the Center for Arts and Music is

Another statue in Plaza Machado

Love the architecture and charming balcony

A darling cafe lined street in Plaza Machado

Another quaint cafe / building in the plaza

Holly & Mike of s/v Wanuskewin enjoy Mexican coffee and
other libations with us at Pedro y Lola in Plaza Machado

A night view of the beautiful cathedral

Leaving El Cid Marina
A cool view of Mazatlan as we were leaving with our fleet

T & Old having a special moment via sunset

A fishing vessel off the cost of Mazatlan at sunset

From Mazatlan, we headed to Isla Isabel, a beautiful secluded island about 20 miles off the coast.  Tons of whales, views, blue-footed boobies and more. From there we went to the San Blas, Chacala and then into Banderas Bay, where we are now for a bit before we head further south! More photos to come...


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