Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spinnaker love...

There is something super fun about flying a spinnaker. I'm not exactly sure why, but some strange excitement happens when cruisers and racers can fly their spinnakers, and when we can see it from our own boat and know that it's their spinnaker. It may be that most spinnakers are special, have amazingly wild and fun colors and are flow only at special times, but flying a "kite" is something everyone should try, at least once.  It's a hoot to fly it and show your colors, and also, because everyone can see it! In our case, every time we see one, I say 'Oh sweet! They're flying their spinnaker!' It's a special sail, what can I say?

Here is ours, thanks to s/v Eagle for hooking us up! It's a1.5oz asymmetrical with a sock (in excellent condition!). We can sail it in 5-15knots, since it's a little heavier so we can fly it in stronger winds. Pictures below, blue, yellow and a giant pink seahorse, fun! We went off path on our way back from the islands off of La Paz just so we could get the right angle to sail it.

Who wouldn't love to have a hot pink seahorse on their spinnaker?!

We tested it out for fit in the marina on
a light wind day and everyone came by to see it

Good times with a fun sail!
We arrived to Mazatlan on Sunday at midnight, and are heading back out to head south (destination Puerto Vallarta/La Cruz area). We hope to have the opportunity to fly it on our way south; praying to the wind gods! More to come on the spinnaker front....


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  1. Maybe it's because you get a play with the spinnaker. It's like how its more fun to go fly fishing than fishing with a bobber. I envy you for your pink seahorse spinnaker, your boat and your epic journey. Bon voyage!!!