Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cabo to La Paz

...And everywhere in between.....

While on this journey to Cabo San Lucas (aka "Cape St. Luke") and then to La Paz (aka "Peace"), we've had very little internet, if any. The internet we did have one night, for 10 minutes, was from one of our buddy boats who boosted the signal from the local resort (aka stole it!) so that we could all use it. Unfortunately, because of the high winds, it only worked for a very short period of time - 10 minutes? Alas, we are finally in La Paz, with internet. It's the little things...

So, where have we been?
Turtle Bay to Magdalena Bay to Cabo San Lucas to Los Frailes to Los Muertos (aka Los Suenos) to Caleta Lobos to La Paz (where we are, finally)!

Here are some pictures from Turtle Bay that I wasn't able to post (due to slooooow or no internet).

Leaving Cruiseport Marina in Ensenada. We originally were at Hotel
Coral and then moved to Cruiseport before departing to Turtle Bay.

A moon rising in the wee hours
 of the morning...

We found tons of these little squid on our deck every
morning while out at sea. Not sure how they got there!

Me, filleting the tuna that we caught!

Bag o' sushi

Sunrise entering Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay, dirt roads, not too much to see

A view of the mountains from one of the main roads
in Turtle Bay

View of Turtle Bay and Enrique's Pier from the beach

Panga boats in the bay

Close up of the pier, birds and bird crap everywhere,
beautiful background

We left Ensenada with 2 buddy boats:
s/v Dazzler (Dan/Kim near the xmas tree) and
 s/v Lady Carolina (Carolina, Steve and their two boys, Kyle and Joel)
This is us enjoying our langosta (lobster) dinner!

After Turtle Bay, we headed to Magdelena Bay, which took us another 2.5 days at sea., again experiencing some amazing star gazing, shooting stars galore and 2 moon risings.  After staying in the Punta Belcher anchorage at Mag Bay for an overnight, which is at the opening of the very large bay, we realized and learned from another boat that the Man of War Cove was just a few nautical miles north in the bay with a town and fishing village; apparently not to be missed and we missed it! The fishermen were trading freshly caught langosta (lobster in English), for AAA batteries. That’s right, we met another boat who traded 5 AAA batteries for 7 large lobsters. Sounds like a deal, ‘eh?  Our anchorage was ok, nothing spectacular, panga boats with fishermen zipped by all night causing a rolly wake. We woke up the next morning and headed out to Cabo. Our fleet, now including the fun s/v Chara (Joyce & Bob), continued on our way.

Sunrise on our way to Mag Bay

At Punta Belcher anchorage in Mag Bay,
I took this one from the beach. From left to right,
s/v Dazzler, s/v Lady Carolina, s/v Rhythm

Sunrise, departing from Punta Belcher
s/v Chara (left) with s/v Dazzler (right)

s/v Chara (left), s/v Dazzler (right)

A cool one of s/v Chara

Our fleet (from left to right):
s/v Dazzler, s/v Lady Carolina, s/v Chara

Finally, we made it to Cabo after 2 days at sea. We stayed right in town at the fabulous Cabo Marina, central to everything. It was quite pricey for moorage, but worth the location in gold. We felt right at home with Luxury Avenue right out our window and I was able to score some sweet swimsuits next door at the swanky mall. Tim and I were missing home and our land life, so this was a very welcome stop. We hit up some local favorites, including my sister Krissy’s favorite watering hole – The Happy Endings Cantina, she is a regular there as Cabo is her and her friend’s second home. We also hit up the Cabo Wabo Cantina, since when in Rome, we may as well visit Sammy Hagar’s spot. We have a reservation there for New Year’s – the place is huge, but with an intimate vibe where the stage area is (kind of like the Showbox in Seattle), though we’re not sure we will make it back to Cabo for New Year’s given how fabulous everyone is saying La Paz is! Cabo experienced a torrential downpour while we were there – of course, we get out of Seattle only to experience a flash flood in Cabo! It rained for 2-3 straight days, and we’re not talking about a light misting, it poured cats and dogs, and thus the town flooded. Floating cars, flooded streets, a smell like you couldn’t believe (or maybe you can, if you’ve ever been to Mexico when it rains!), etc...

Sunrise entering Cabo (on the left)

Cabo, Pacific side, yep those are hotels & condos!

More Cabo, Pacific side, beautiful beaches and scenery

We turned left and went around "El Arco" (aka The Arch)

A sailboat and tourist boat visiting the Arch

Entering Cabo, head straight, through those boats, to the marina!

s/v Rhythm, s/v Dazzler & s/v Lady Carolina
@ the Happy Endings Cantina, enjoying a frosty beverage

Ahhh, the view of Luxury Avenue outside our cockpit at
the Cabo Marina

The Cabo flood.
s/v Lady Carolina (Carolina & Steve) make their way
across a flooded street in a bike-powered cart.
For $1, you can have a ride across too!

Adios Cabo! Heading to La Paz! Picture taken as we sailed away.

View of the beach across from the Arch

Another view of Cabo as we were leaving and heading out to La Paz.

 We decided to head out to make our way to La Paz ("Peace" in english) as a weather window opened up, but only in time to let us get to Los Frailes (in english meaning The Friars), where we were ‘stuck’ for 3 days, no internet or cell signal and a 25-30 knots of wind, which really tested out our anchor. A ‘pineapple express’ weather system blew in, which was a royal pain in the ass having a rolly anchorage and the boat rocking back and forth, but not a pleasant baby-in-a-crib-type-rocking, winds whipping around like a blizzard, but no snow, though the sound effects were the same, etc.  Again, our fleet was together, and then after Los Frailes, we all headed to Los Muertos (in english meaning The Dead), renamed by the locals to Los Suenos (in english “Dreams”) to make it more touristy friendly. After all, saying you live in “Dreams” vs the Dead is a bit more cheery.

T hiking at Los Frailes, our fleet + others in the background

More hiking, awesome views!

The beach at Los Frailes, warm, crystal blue water.
You can see the row of palapas to the right, perfect
for setting up camp for the day

s/v Chara: Kate, Joyce, Bob

s/v Lady Carolina: Carolina & Kyle

Ok sorry, I had to! 

Los Muertos/Suenos is a beautiful anchorage with a super nice resort, Gran Sueno, and El Cardon, a small watering hole and restaurant. We hit up both places and also the beach and did some snorkeling with s/v Lady Carolina, though not much because the water here was a bit colder than Los Frailes. Another weather front came in and we were again stuck there, it could be worse J

Los Muertos/Suenos, pristine beaches, clear blue water

T on the beach

Peanut likes long walks on the beach, pina coladas
and getting caught in the rain. 

Gran Sueno Resort

The restaurant at Gran Sueno, T and I enjoyed this place!

View of the water from the Gran Sueno restaurant

And then came La Paz.....after our weather window opened up, we headed to Caleto Lobos, a beautiful anchorage just outside of the Bay of La Paz where we stayed for one night and then headed in to La Paz...finally.....La Paz is known for it's "stickiness" - people arrive and never leave, like "Hotel California"... we'll see what we do next :)

Happy Holidays!!!
--K & T

Us at the Costa Baja Resort & Marina in La Paz on Christmas Eve...
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! xoxo!


  1. Awesome to see all of these pictures! The one of the two of you on Christmas Eve is killer! Such hot tamales! XOXO! Miss you tons! Love, Lisa and Rodger

  2. Great job on your blog!! We hope you get many great miles out of the new spinnaker!!

    Happy New Year!!

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle